The Astral Chart helps us to know our life script, but I think that our script is not pigeonholed into film or film genres such as drama or romance, no, our script encompasses each and every one of the areas of our life.

Based on the fact that the birth chart is divided into 12 sectors, each one of them governs a part of our life, for example, house 1 is the house of how our personality will be on this planet earth, but house 2 governs our economy, And could it be that we became poor in this life? And if so, how can we take advantage of astrology so that instead of being poor or rich, we can take advantage of what we have without suffering our day to day, house 5 governs our children, will we have children, what signs and how many ? But the 7th house governs marriage, and what person is best for us to get married then?

This can be seen in our birth chart, it is a panacea to remedy and know our weaknesses and strengths, improving our style and quality of life.

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